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Dogwalk has several options to keep your dog fit and healthy, hence a happy dog!

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Without adequate exercise, your dog is at risk of becoming obese and developing destructive behavioral problems. Breeds that are especially energetic may not be content with morning and evening walks. If you’re restricted by the weather or your work schedule, we can help to keep your dog fit and happy.


Weight Loss Program

Mirroring what is happening with humans. a growing percentage of our dogs are overweight or obese, . With it comes health implications of weight problems, symptoms like diabetes, heart problems, aching joints, difficulty breathing, intolerance of exercise, even an increased risk of cancer. Research shows that fit pets live about 15 percent longer or an average of two additional years, than overweight pets.


The initial consultation includes:


  • Complete Physical Veterinary Examination

  • Diet recommendation

  • Tailor made exercise program


With this program your pet will not only loss weight but will improve his cardiovascular endurance, muscle strength, muscle endurance, flexibility and body composition. Overall this is the best you can do to improve your dog quality of life.

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