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& Spa

Think your dog would enjoy some professional pampering? 

Our team of experienced groomers will create a customized spa session based on your preferences and your pet’s needs.


With state of the art equipment and the highest standards of hygiene, our salon will leave your VIP feeling like a star! We hand-dry and hand-scissor pets and use natural and organic products whenever possible. 


Allow Dogwalk to give your dog the ultimate spa experience.


Bath Time!

Maintenance: Our most popular service involves Shampoo, Conditioner, Blow Dry, Brushing, Nail Trimming and Ear Cleaning. 


Wash and Dry On The Go: Shampoo, Conditioner, Blow Dry and Light Brushing


Special Requirements: To target specific issues, we use special shampoos and solutions for skin allergies or Tick & Flea Treatment. We also have a fully organic range with Hypoallergenic, Tick & Flea or Medicated Shampoo. Includes all Maintenance services 


Signature Services

Full Grooming: We offer several different hairstyles from a summer shave to puppy cut, breed-specific and even Japanese fusion (our Groomer’s speciality!). IncludesHaircut, Shampoo, Conditioner, Blow Dry, Brushing, Nail Trimming and Ear Cleaning 


Hand-Stripping: This method is ideal for certain types of fur; we remove the coat from the root so that a new coat can grow in.Includes Hand-Stripping, Shampoo, Conditioner, Brushing, Nail Trimming and Ear Cleaning

Delightful De-Shedding: This treatment will leave both long and shorthaired dogs looking and feeling great. 24 hours after the De-Shedding treatment, you’ll notice that hair fall and shedding decrease by an amazing 80%. For the best results, we recommend regular treatments. We use Furminator shampoo, a special solution and intensive brushing. Includes all Maintenance services 


Full-Body Massage: Treat your pet to an amazing massage with aromatherapy gels containing complex amino acids and aromatic oils to add lustre and shine to their coat. Choose from 6 different fragrances containing essential oils formulated for dogs - for relaxation, tranquillity, relief from fatigue, mild relief for problem prone-skins, and soothing for the respiratory system - based on your dog’s coat and skin type. This service needs to be combined with ‘Wash and Dry’ or ‘Maintenance’.

Teeth Scaling & Polish: Our teeth scaling service is a maintenance procedure in our grooming, that maintains the oral health of your dog between vet visits. We remove plaque from the surface of the teeth using manual scaling tools. We do not go beyond the gum line so we do not need to use any sedatives or anaesthesia. This does mean, however, that your dog needs to be happy to cooperate for around 20-40 minutes depending on the condition of the teeth. 

Doggielift Nail clipping: The Doggie lift is the latest addition to our tailored grooming services. Especially for nervous pups, it’s a game changer in reducing stress levels and getting nails clipped or paws trimmed effortlessly without worry. No success no charge! 

Price List

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