Dogwalk has developed simple behavioral solutions tailor-made for each individual dog. Not sure which option is best for you and your dog? Tell us more about your dog so we can point you in the right direction:





BI-MONTHLY MEMBERSHIP - 2600AED plus 1 Free Fitness Swim Aseessment                                   

(Prices with VAT inclusive)

Pay a fixed fee on a monthly basis and attend as many sessions as your schedule allows between one and six times per week.

If you want to unwind and bond with your dog, a Group Class is an excellent after-work activity. Give your dog a solid foundation in basic obedience commands while he practices socializing with people and other dogs. This provides a great introduction to the fundamentals of dog training, simple cues and basic manners using hand signals, verbal cues and loose-leash walking. We’ll discuss dog psychology in-depth; this will give you a better understanding of your dog, and empower you to come up with your own solutions if you notice any behavioral problems in the future.

Group Classes

PACK OF 5 SESSIONS - It includes One Behaviour Assessment (1H30) and 4 Individual Sessions (45minutes each) 1420AED

Per each home visit there is an additional 100AED fee


(Prices with VAT inclusive)

Adapted to your individual needs. 


Not all dogs respond well in a class setting. One-On-One Training can be tailored to your dog’s needs. We can work on the issues with which you are struggling at a time and place that suits you. We can cover behavioral issues, the basic obedience commands or more advanced training. You decide!

Individual Training

TRAINING WITH BOARDING - Price subject to boarding dates



(Prices with VAT inclusive)

Training during Daycare or Boarding


This unique service is for dog owners who love their dogs but who don’t have the time to train them. Your dog will be trained at Dogwalk (Boarding or Daycare) under expert and loving supervision. Because your dog will be supervised all the time, our team can reward and correct his or her behavior consistently.


The training includes all the basic obedience commands and any other corrections required. Our goal? A happy, well-behaved dog.

In-House Training





(Prices with VAT inclusive)

If you have a new puppy, this service will help you start off on the right foot. It will also teach families to work as a team to modify specific canine behavior problems.


A behavior counseling session is held at your home to give us a better understanding of the dog’s behavior. The most common issues we address are jumping, excessive barking, separation anxiety, attention-seeking, fear and phobias, aggression issues and potty training. 


We provide simple solutions that can be implemented by all members of the family.

Behavior Counseling

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