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Swimming is an all-in-one workout.


Dogs who swim regularly are stronger, fitter and have less chance of developing cardiovascular disease. It increases the resistance of movement in all major muscle groups but without the stresses on the joints.


Swimming improves endurance and strengthening of the heart and lungs. The water creates resistance, which means that a five-minute swim is a workout that may be equivalent to running five miles!




Group Sessions

It's always more fun to swim with friends! This option is perfect for dogs attending daycare on a membership basis.

Individual Sessions

These are twenty minutes individual sessions, depending on the aim of the session a dog can play, fetch, swim, have a massage and relax or do specific exercises to tackle certain conditions. Prior to the swim we will contact your Vet requesting your pets patient history report so we are made aware of any pre-existing condition that might prevent him from swimming. 

Swim with the Owner

This is a great way to spend some quality time with your dog, while keeping him cool and exercised. You can reserve our pool for 30 minutes and our staff will give you all directions you need to enjoy a fun and safe one on one swim with your dog.

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