Balance Exercises

Balance Exercises

Coordination and Strengthening

Coordination and Strengthening

Joint Mobilisation

Joint Mobilisation

Electrical Stimulation

Electrical Stimulation




We offer various therapies to help your dog with a range of medical conditions including pre- and post-operative conditioning, arthritis, hip dysplasia, spinal injuries, and obesity. Our experienced team will work with your vet to design a personalized rehabilitation program that facilitates your pet’s recovery.

  • Hydrotherapy

  • Ultrasound muscle stimulation

  • Therapeutic and functional exercises

After a comprehensive evaluation, and in conjunction with your Vet, our Rehab Professionals will design a customized programme for your pet. This may include modalities (ultrasound, muscle stimulation) , therapeutic exercises, functional exercises and Home Programme . Our dedicated Rehab Team will do their very best to make sure your pet makes the fastest recovery possible, in a relaxed and caring environment.




Conditions treated by Physical Rehabilitation:


  • Pre and post operative conditioning

  • Arthritis 

  • Hip dysplasia 

  • Chronic Degenerative Radiculomyelopathy

  • Spinal injuries

  • Recovery from multiple injuries - including  fractures & neurological damage

  • Cruciate ligament injuries and post operative  recovery

  • Muscle strengthening, maintenance and  restoration

  • Pain relief, swelling and stiffness

  • Relaxation of muscle spasms

  • Cardiovascular fitness (aiding in strengthening  the heart & lungs)

  • Obesity (weight loss and weight maintenance  in conjunction with a strict low calorie  veterinary prescribed diet )

  • Mental & physical well being



What is Physical Rehabilitation:

Physical Rehabilitation is especially for canines suffering with mobility issues, pre and post-surgical rehabilitation, injury prevention, obesity and weight loss management, hip dysplasia, increasing body awareness, balance, coordination and geriatric arthritis sufferers.





Hydrotherapy Sessions:


Our Hydrotherapy sessions are conducted by trained hydrotherapists, who are inside the pool at all times for the duration of the swimming session. The water temperature is controlled to facilitate the relaxation of the joints without being too hot to put stress on your dog’s cardio-respiratory functions. 

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